High School is about to get a lot easier...

See ya later tiny, confusing bell schedule PDFs

Buh bye 6am calls to the front desk to report an absence

Hasta la vista never knowing what's for lunch that day


Take control of the day

Wondering whether 2nd period gets out at 9:35 or 9:45?
With Bells, you’ll always know when a period starts or ends.


We know schools have many different schedules. With Bells you can easily
save your schedule preference.


With Pro, school admins can easily and instantly update the schedule on the fly.

Snow day?
Snow problem.

With Pro, school admins can automate school cancellation calls/texts.


Be everyone's go-to

You know the person that always seems to know what’s going on around school? With Common, you can be that person.


Learn about the musical (or school dance?!) that’s coming up, without having to ask your friends for the 10th time.

MAY 19-21

Learn More

MAY 23

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Didn’t hear the announcement over the
intercom at 8am in the morning? Don’t worry.
We’ve got your back.

SAT Prep Tips

Hi students! it’s that time of the year again. The student council has compiled a list of resources that are *actually* helpful for studying for that upcoming SAT. Thank us after you score great on the test ;)

Learn with Bolt

Prom tickets are on sale in the Atrium! Stop by at lunch to grab yours before it’s too late!

– Student Council

To ensure every post on Common is relevant, posting is currently limited to student council members and school administration.


Skip the phone call

Your parents will thank you for this one. Report and track absences through our app, without the tedious phone call at 6am.

Quick and Easy

Start your stopwatches, because 15 seconds is all it takes to report an absence on Hallway App. Get back to sleep, your job is done!




All absences require a two-step verification from parents via text or call.


Automatically check-in to classes. Focus on schoolwork, not roll call. Coming soon.

The Absent feature is only available for schools on the Pro plan.
Lean more about Hallway Pro

Want to know more?

Whether you’re an administrator interested in the Pro plan or a skeptical parent, we’ve got answers and would love to talk with you.

Contact us at team@hallway.app